How to Clean and Prep Your Cross-Stitch for Display


So you’ve just put the last stitch into your painstakingly completed cross-stitch project. Now what? You canleave it in the hoop (as long as the hoop is large enough) and simply display it that way and never worry about it again….BUT it is generally a good idea to wash and prep a piece, even if you’re just gonna put it right back in that ole hoop when you’re done. It usually gathers a bit of dust and dirt, not to mention the oils from your fingers that get all over the fabric while you’re working. This is the process that I follow when I finish a cross-stitch project and want to get it ready for the next phase in its life:

Step 1) Wash your piece by hand, soaking it in lukewarm water and working in some mild soap. I used Ivory.

Step 2) Rinse the piece out very well. If you’re worried about the colors bleeding, keep soaking and rinsing until the water runs clear.

Step 3) Gently squeeze out some of the water. Lay the piece out flat on a clean, WHITE towel (you don’t want the color of the towel to leach onto your cross stitch!). Roll the piece up into the towel.

Step 4) To get out more of the excess water, press on the rolled up towel.

Step 5) Lay your piece out flat to dry – in a SAFE place, i.e. inaccessible by dogs, small children, etc. This drying process will take several hours.

Step 6) Once your piece is almost completely dry, iron out any wrinkles by placing a piece of white fabric (I used muslin) in between the cross stitch piece and your iron. Set the iron on a low-medium setting and turn off the steam.

Step 7) Enjoy your lovely, finished piece of fabulous cross-stitching!

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