Blue and Gold Macaw Cross-stitch


We now have a brightly feathered new addition to our household! I am calling him “Cervantes”, after the famous author of Don Quixote. If you have a few spare minutes, I highly recommend that you look up the life of Cervantes. As interesting as his writing is, his life is almost more so. To wit: He receives a nearly fatal wound during a battle, is taken prisoner by the enemy while on a mission for the king, makes several daring (but ultimately unsuccessful) escape attempts, gets held for ransom, then his life is miraculously saved and he is able to return to Spain, and this is all many years before he probably even thought about writing what would become Spain’s most well-known piece of literature. They should make a movie about him. If they haven’t already.

Actually, scratch that. I don’t want Hollywood to make a movie about Cervantes. They would just screw it up. By the way, I am 1 for 3 on being able to sit through the movies I rented recently. Where have all the good movies gone??

But I digress.

Cervantes was made using this FREE cross stitch pattern. The pattern is great overall, but it does differ from the finished example in a few small ways. The coloring on the face is a little different. This is very easy to fix, if you so choose, by simply comparing the two and deciding which one you like best, and following that one. Also, the outline (the sea-green stitching that surrounds the entire figure) of the parrot is cut off in a couple places on the pattern, but this is also easy to remedy. Just be aware of it if you decide to take a stab (I’m so pun-y) at this pattern.


 Color coding the pattern makes it easier to keep track of your stitches.


He has a very pleasant and happy expression on his face, don’t you think? I think he fits well into Jonathan Adler’s “Happy Chic” philosophy of decor, which I have been trying to incorporate a bit more of in my home.

Plus, now that this project is finished I have one more thing to add my (unofficial) list of reasons why I love blogging: I have been trying to finish this guy for a year, maybe longer. BUT I needed something to blog about, so I got out my little needle and stitched away and before I knew it, I had a long-overdue but actually finished piece of cross-stitching on my hands! So thank you, blog. If things continue this way, you could really do wonders for my productivity!

Is there anything better than checking things off of your to-do list? It is such an intensely satisfying feeling. Despite the fact that one finished project is merely replaced with another unfinished one. In fact, I am already preparing to begin work on a buddy for Cervantes, the Golden Macaw pattern from the same website. (Except he’s not golden, he’s mostly red and most closely resembles a Scarlet Macaw. My dad is really big into birds and used to have a Scarlet named P.J. As much as I love parrots/macaws, I am glad that my cross-stitch version will be significantly quieter than P.J. was!)

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